These items are included here for documentary purposes, for evidentiary purposes. These support some statements, maybe refute others, and for a few we refuse to answer, to confirm or deny.      



Book Report, circa 1984. The Hardy Boys mystery The Crimson Flame, by Franklin W. Dixon. Plagiarized from the book's cover. First publication, age 9. Reprinted from The Daily Mining Gazette. Complete with dashing, sort-of-sleuthlike photo.

  Quincy Mine Cross Section, circa 1925-1940 [image] [high resolution image, 300k]  
  Letter to my father, 1992, from Cranbrook-Kingswood Schools [image]    
  Photo as a small child, age 7? Proves the author was once in fact small. [image]    
  8-inch floppy diskette, used for collage. These things do in fact exist, and are fantastic. [front] [back] [w/out sleeve]
  Mondale / Ferraro bumper sticker, circa 1984, unused, still on backing. I have a few Reagan ones, but I don't like to talk about those in public now. [image]