Essay Degree of Truthfulness Form Type of Failure Risked
  Outline towards a Theory of the Mine versus the Mind and the Harvard Outline Very true indeed Harvard Outline Absurdity
  I Have Been Thinking about Snow

As true as my memory lets it be.

Page as field (of snow?) Instability
  Cranbrook Schools: Adventures in Bourgeois Topologies
All true, which is probably the most important essay in the book to be true, as it contains the most personal revelations that might seem otherwise fabricated. Mathematical proof + memoir Embarrassment
  Index for X and the Origin of Fires Not very true at all Index Confusion
  Fragments: On Dentistry
All too true Fragments Decay, Impermanence
  Subject to Wave Action: a There and a Back (with Orchestral Accompaniment) True, especially the parts which I omitted to protect the reputations of the ladies. Narrative; Seemingly Straightforward Sentences Disappearance
  The Long Crush As I wrote this it became more inaccurate, like writing about any kind of technology, especially in the world of books, as opposed to the quicker-moving magazine world or the world of the blogs. Technology advances fast in the world of disc golf discs. Everytime I returned to revise this essay I had to add more information, making it increasingly obnoxious. I had thought, after writing the title of the essay, about making this the story of a crush I had on this one girl for like six years, but it is not, and is instead about disc golf. Narrative Uselessness
  Failure: A Meditation, Another Iteration (With Interruptions)
True, except for the parts I totally fabricated Page as field, broken up Forgetability
  After Form and Formlessness: Bodies, Boats, and Bathing Only minor errors in this essay; it is mostly true. Narrative approaching formlessness Incoherence, Forgetability
  The Big and Sometimes Colored Foam: Four Annotated Car Washes
True, with some additions Annotated Car Wash Narratives with Explanations and Meditations Redundancy
  Afterword: Elegy for Telegram and Starflight Too true for my own comfort. A couple spots have lying in them, but not enough to hurt you or your friends. Telegrams + narrative Obsolescence
  Appendix: Parts of the Book You May Additionally Enjoy Such as An Appendix True, addresses the truth question more straightforwardly than elsewhere, sort of. Reflection with self-doubt Disappearance
  Decoder wheel If you consider the decoder wheel an essay, it is even more true than the others in the pursuit of its form, which it approximates very nicely, thank you. Decoder wheel, sometimes called a volvelle Obsolescence
  Website Somewhat more bogus. Filled with lies and misdirection. Except this page. It's all super-true because it's on the web! Card catalog, interrogation

Absurdity, Invisibility