The Thing to Do

Q: Really, Ander, really? That's the best you can do for poetry?

Q: Do you mean that poetry should resist annotation or expansion via digital spaces or electronic spaces, that it, unlike your fiction or your nonfiction, somehow stand alone?

Q: Or is it laziness? That nonfiction seems to burst and bubble into many different corridors, each leading to a box or something else, and poetry dead-ends here instead.

Q: A sample poem? Is this a product page? Is it Amazon? Don't you love Amazon? I hear you do. And you give Amazon more than you give us here in this space?

Q: Given that there's so much emphasis on information in Our Aperture, not to mention on aperture, where do these bits of information lead? Do they spin out in space, each bit a factoid or a piece of a love story leading to a kiss and a night and something else?