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Dead End

Because you mistyped it,

Because you misread it,

Because you entered something random or erroneous in hopes of an easter egg,

Because you are dyslexic,

Because your keyboarding skills are poor,

Because you've returned here time after time for this simple pleasure of repetition,

Because, possibly, of an error on my end / in my brain / in my created world,

Because you capitalized it which seems sometimes to mung it up,

Because you're using Safari, which for some reason doesn't seem to like the script I'm using to direct you from page to page (instead use Firefox or Chrome, or even Internet Explorer works: if you insist on Safari, which is a fine enough browser, note that instead of typing the word in the box you may have to add the word + .html to the url, so instead of "north" you'd have to enter the url manually as

Because you're using Lynx (really? props to you!),

Because you're looking at the uncorrected proofs,

Because you're a cool geek like that, or because you got the bookstore hookup, or are an angry reviewer,

Because I missed something in the fluxology of this site,

Because you missed something in the fluxology of this site,

Because you believe in the infinite expandability of the essay,

Because you thought you'd press against its boundaries,

Because you played D&D too much in your teens and wouldn't be satisfied with a blank wall without checking for a secret door because you know there are very few such things as Dead Ends,

Because you are about to roll a six-sided die (1d6 in the nomenclature of the game) to check to see if you find any traps or secret doors,

Because you don't believe in Dead Ends,

Because Ends are Ends, and not always Dead,

Because you returned,

You are here, And this leads nowhere, Go back, or enjoy the view of the wall.