Vanishing Point A Bookand Websiteby Ander Monson



Inside every thing there is another thing. Inside each self there is another. Crack the I open and another one emerges. The I — even a fictional I like those we find in memoir — is a mine. The book, a mine. It's mine: I should know. This is the website for the book. Superimpose it on the book. Print it out and stuff it in. The book is a static artifact. The website, not so much. There's more here, new tunnels, new considerations, more thinking. It might not be the same when you return. So: think of the website when you think of the book. Start with the book. When you see a word adorned with a dagger (†) in the book, enter it in the box above.

Not every passageway leads somewhere. Use one of these as a starting point if you'd rather:

52: About; 55: Ander Monson; 56: Assembloir; 57: Ball; 59: Book; 61: City; 65: Dagger; 68: How-To; 70: Karaoke; 72: North; 74: Place; 79: Society; 80: Space; 83: Taste; 85: Website.