"At times Monson lapses into gnomic pretentionsness." —The New York Times on Neck Deep & Other Predicaments (2007).

I heard you, New York Times. You wanted more gnomic pretentiousness. Well it took me 13 years, but here you go.

The Gnome


It Is Hard Not to Love the Torturer's Apprentice


This Time With Feeling



Believing in the Future with the Torturer's Apprentice


Opportunities for Intimacy


The Reassurances


Everyone Looks Better When They're Under Arrest


Weep No More Over This Event


The Golem



In a Structure Simulating an Owl

Our Song




"Ander Monson has always been fascinated by . . . human creatures who unexpectedly shine their light on the rest of us. [He] is an American Kafka . . . The Gnome Stories will stay in your memory long after you have finished the book.”—Charles Baxter

Monson contemplates how suffused with loss, fear, and mortality our everyday lives are. / SF-tinged fare echoing the tone and spirit of Saunders and Vonnegut. --Kirkus

“Like a haunted set of nested dolls, Ander Monson’s excellent short stories open up to reveal the surprisingly looming, gothic spaces that contemporary American life inevitably contains.”—Kelly Link