A Message from the Devil; a stevensgraph from the 1893 World's Fair; calling cards; Metrocards; a letter to a former girlfriend about how it wasn't working out; an unused Greyhound bus ticket; eighteenth century hand-colored religious cards; several five dollar bills; toothpicks; Victorian Christmas and Easter cards; insurance bills; receipts; notes; inscriptions; fifty-year old letters; "a most delicate handmade cutout snowflake"; While You Were Out; "It was nice spending the night with you. Let's do it again sometime"; bacon strips, cooked, old; an upper denture; a snapshot of Charles Lindbergh; unused tampon; an entire Cadbury crème egg; a list of sexual conquests; pubic hair; a tiny bag of heroin; prayer cards from funerals; a Rorschach blot; Home Depot gift card with money on it; a two dollar bill; three marijuana leaves; stamps, cancelled and not; a joint; a typed poem from 2003 titled "Travellers"; a handwritten poem ("Your father, as excuse for not letting the workmen/ tear down the garden shed, told you about the nest..."); a handwritten letter from Lena Horne; "a magnificent photo of a pet chicken"; homophobic, racist, and both at once marginalia; a Darryl Strawberry baseball card; "I gave U my heart but then U started to change but U knew me as a cholo an U loved me an cared for me. Now U jus look at me like I killed ur love"; Christmas cards from actors; an old sock; dried flowers and other parts from plants; topless photographs; a monogrammed note card from Thackeray; a drawing of a wizard; microfilm; erasures; flecks of human skin; an unposted but written-on postcard over thirty years old; two jam sandwiches; a book inscribed to a dead friend; a book I signed a decade before; binding instructions; errata; author's notes; a memo from the dean; a Christmas card inside a book about a failing marriage with a $100 bill; a card reading "Freaky Pussy"; a $50 bill; a $20 bill; "Way to not steal babies, even though they ♥ you so much keep being awesome ♥ the left-handed bandit"; accession numbers; notes from class; a drawing of an ass; a lock of hair tied with a blue ribbon; cancelled checks; deposit slips; newspaper clippings; shopping lists; a bullet in the binding of a copy of Mein Kampf; handwritten notes for a lecture about the moon delivered in 1895; a 1785 medical prescription; $480 in five-dollar bills; a $500 savings bond, since returned to the owner; a perfectly dried banana peel; two tickets to an Abba concert; a rusty razor blade; a crow's feather in a book of Poe's; two leather bookmarks, chewed on by a baby and discarded; a smallpox scab, collected by the FBI for the CDC; "two business cards carefully taped together...revealing a three-foot long accordionfolded panorama of 1970s pornography"; a WWII ration book; WWII discharge papers; scissors; a valid driver's license; Monopoly money; a key; a marriage certificate; BB gun pellets; a record; oil shares; a butterfly's wings; an unused condom; a dead cockroach; (inside a children's book:) "a green card; on one side was written in a child's print: 'I love you, do you love me?' The answer was written on the reverse: 'I hate you and nobody loves me'"; a hand-painted handkerchief; a diamond ring; a hotel cocktail napkin with a name and room number on it; lists of upcoming hospital surgeries; forty pressed four-leaf clovers; a publicity photo of singer Peter Murphy; David Markson's marginalia and reading notes; the tip of a squirrel's tail; a working credit card; a Christmas card from L. Frank Baum; a fried egg; a note from a daughter to a mother on prison stationery; a recipe for a cure for hemorrhoids from 1884; differential equations; ILL receipts; a Dungeons & Dragons dungeon schematic; a chicken bone; an inscription from the author to a reader; a note detailing observations of characteristics of people; a flattened paper airplane; a Valentine; many stamps; an illustration of cats in baskets; photographs of cats; "this class makes me want to cry"; a spiritual plea; spiritual advice; secret codes; cyphers; blanks for a game of hangman; scavenger hunt clues; date due cards; card catalog cards; passwords; defacings; directions to look at another book; a transcript of a conversation; receipts from stores long out of business; a handprint; ex libris cards; fabric samples; "You're nothing but a self-satisfying walking mass of ego, a phony!!!...you're downright ugly and you talk funny. You don't know how to dress. You have all the morality and sentiment of a jungle beast. Less!!!"; note to the Biosphere 2 students leaving the library; library receipt for Marinetti's The Futurist Cookbook, checked out to Philip Zimmerman; handwriting from the dead; hollows in Bibles; "a note I had sent to the poet Everette Maddox in a library copy of The Dream Songs"; note reading "Do the lower classes smell?"; a flattened spider; a desiccated fly; a hall permit; a post-it reading "42"; mid-semester grade report (E, B, C, D, D); a suicide note; "grandpa's secret stash in his book Combatting Cult Mind Control"; "a packet of love letters from 1977 stuffed into a copy of Eichmann in Jerusalem"; evidence of innocence; "May we never be forced to relive this particular past"; blood; lined notebook paper with "I will not start fires" written ten times; a punchcard anteater; muscle relaxant pills; outgoing unsent mail, since posted by the reader; a signed pledge to abstain from alcohol; a curse; breast plaster; a photo of Orson Welles; swimming pool passes; a lidocaine patch; "Is Daniel his lover?"; recipe cards; computer punch cards; library receipt for Albert Goldbarth's Opticks, checked out to Bonnie Jean Michalski; prescription pad from a syphilogist's office; torn-out blank pages from another book; "This book has offensive markings"; hand-drawn maps to Jerry's house; call numbers on a quartered card catalog card; fragment of computer code; unfinished dragon drawing; this. And you?