So I mentioned the libraries. Those featured in the book include public libraries in Gilbert, Arizona that eschew Dewey; the University of Arizona Main, Science-Engineering, and Fine Arts libraries; the KGB Museum library in Vilnius, Lithuania; the Peggy J. Schlusser Postal Library; the Robert Morris Library at Washington College; the Library of Congress; the Portage Lake District Library in Houghton, Michigan; libraries composed of dead colleagues' mansucripts in bags rescued from the trash; the personal libraries of Alison Hawthorne Deming, Paul Hurh, Aileen Feng, Megan Campbell, and the author, among others; the Kansas State University Special Collections; the Arizona Historical Society; the Pima County Seed Library; the Library Bar in the Warwick-Melrose, Houston, Texas; the University of Arizona Poetry Center Library; the Ohio University Library; the Wilko restaurant library; the Circus World Museum Library and Research Center in Baraboo, Wisconsin; the backseat library of a United flight to Denver; the Biosphere 2 former library; the Little Free Library at Henry Elementary; the Maricopa County District Libraries, Perry and Southeast Branches; the Library of Water; the Ha Long Bay Library; the Lenin Library erotica collection; the Edinburgh University Library; the Newberry Library in Chicago; DePaul University Library; and more.

When I wrote the essays I published them back into the libraries that inspired them as letters to a future lover, a lover of the future. I hope you are one. I hope you do the same.

Here are some other places to explore:

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The Cabinet national library
The Floating Library
Library as Incubator Project
Little Free Library
Pima County Seed Library
The Prelinger Library
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