Letter to a Future Lover is written and designed to be read unbound and looseleaf, and tucked into books, as the reader desires. She is hereby invited to read them in any order she prefers, which is the author's intention. The order in which the trade edition has them is arbitrary, since binding does require an order.

Of course the thrifty/crafty reader could just cut the binding off the trade edition and DIY it, but it won't work as well.

The Limited Edition features slightly different versions of the essays included in the trade edition, printed in full color on 6x9" cards and collected, unsorted and unbound, hand-assembled in a custom cardboard box with a sleeve. On the sleeve you'll find two additional essays only available in this edition.

Both this and the deluxe limited edition also include DUE DATE cards and corresponding pockets in the case that you'd like to lend them.

It is issued in an edition of 100, and includes 91 essays, featuring all the essays in the trade edition + 9 additional essays only available in the limited editions.

Want one of the few remaining copies of the Limited Edition? Well, there aren't very many left, but you can buy one (until they're gone) via the New Michigan Press.