Publicity sorts of materials:

  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Press release: [here]
  3. John D'Agata says: "Unapologetically smart, unexpectedly emotional, and playful in ways that most nonfiction never even attempts, Ander Monson's Neck Deep is what we mean when we say essay."
  4. Robert Polito's introduction to Neck Deep [excerpt]: "Ander Monson is so cunning and quick-witted as an essayist that it’s almost easy to miss just how touching, how human, how stubbornly elegiac his writing can be. To propose, for instance, that Monson is perhaps the most formally adventurous inquisitor of our new information technologies, risks—as James Merrill once observed in another context—"rubbing silver with quicksilver." The trendy glamour of a phrase like formally adventurous inquisitor of our new information technologies simultaneously enlivens and cheapens my praise, also ignoring as well the quirkiest, likely the boldest aspects of his stoic accomplishments.
          "Monson is as gaga about gadgets, diagrams, and recondite technical skills as any other modern gear-head. Yet he remains fascinated—and troubled—by all the incidental organizational forms around and inside our knowledge, old or new. Not only the Internet, but the index, the list, the telegram, the fragment, the quotation, the novel, the memoir, the vaunted scientific study, the lowly outline, and conspicuously the essay."
  5. Bio: Ander Monson lives in Michigan where he edits the magazine DIAGRAM <> and the New Michigan Press. He is the author of three books: Neck Deep and Other Predicaments: Essays (Graywolf Press, February 2007), Other Electricities (a sort-of novel, Sarabande Books, 2005), and Vacationland (poems, Tupelo Press, 2005).
  6. Photos: [high-res]
  7. Excerpt: Elegy for Telegram and Starflight, from A Public Space's website, which is a good beginning to the book, I think.
  8. Multimedia: Index for X and the Origin of Fires, an essay from Neck Deep, transformed into an interactive, multimedia piece for Born Magazine by Jer Thorp
  9. Reviews: [here]
  10. The Press: Graywolf
  11. The Official Information: Available February 1, 2007, $15.00 paper; ISBN: 1-555597-459-7; distributed by Farrar, Straus & Giroux
  12. Publicity contact: Mary Matze — matze (at); 651-641-0077
  13. The Agent: Scott Moyers @ Andrew Wylie Agency


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Useful Adjectives and Adjectival Phrases to Describe Ander Monson:

  1. phenomenal
  2. maverick
  3. self-involved
  4. trickeration-loving
  5. asinine
  6. straight-shooting
  7. family-betraying
  8. law-breaking
  9. ne'er-do-well
  10. bad boy
  11. future addict
  12. serious and accomplished
  13. brainy but beautiful
  14. chubby
  15. crazy
  16. more than likely delusional
  17. poetryish
  18. encyclopedic
  19. whale-kicking
  20. profane
  21. piratical
  22. regretful
  23. sympathetic
  24. criminal
  25. pensive
  26. bright but misguided
  27. hurt, badly, baldly
  28. good
  29. trying real hard to be good


Sure, it's more than a little bit self-obsessive building a page like this. It's even a little more fun than one should admit in public. Still, one can't deny its use, and the people who are publishing Neck Deep certainly want me here, self-promoting, splayed out, available for you. And you have [perhaps] read this far. Hence.