Slow Dancing Through Ether: a Fine Binding Project

A collaboration between writer Ander Monson and book artist Kris Ingmundson [that includes much of Other Electricities, albeit in a radically different form], Slow Dancing Through Ether is a series of five unique books that attempts an integration of content and structure. Each book incorporates text and artwork, and is handbound in pink Nigerian goatskin. All of the structures lack the sharp corners and harsh edges of the traditional book, and instead feature curved, more natural, lines. Conventional bookbinding methods were adapted to accommodate the unique and organic shapes of the boards. The leather that covers the text is featured as skin, with the wounds and imperfections of the body. The reader holding these innovative structures experiences a lack of control and a sense of discomfort that is a reflection of the text. Content and structure intertwined. A central thematic element of the written word reflected in the vessel that carries it.

Photos are below. Click to enlarge.