Further Investigation

  • Karl Iagnemma: [1]
  • Music from the band Low, based in Duluth, Minnesota. A suggested track listing for further exploration [*] is below
  • David Means: [1]
  • The Paulding Light: [1] [2]
  • The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit


    [*] Suggested Listening from Low listed more or less chronologically (Album: tracks)

    I Could Live in Hope: Words

    Long Division: Violence, Caroline, Shame

    The Curtain Hits the Cast: Over the Ocean

    Secret Name: Starfire, Two-Step, Will the Night

    Christmas: Silent Night; Just Like Christmas

    Things We Lost in the Fire: Sunflower, Dinosaur Act

    Trust: Canada, Last Snowstorm of the Year, (That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace

    A Lifetime of Temporary Relief: Venus, Those Girls (Song for Nico), Blue-Eyed Devil,

    The Great Destroyer: Monkey, California, Death of a Salesman